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Olje- og energidep
2022-03-17 12:17:58

Today Min. @terjeaa welcomed Minister-President of the Government of Flanders @JanJambon in Oslo. Good talks about #gas, #hydrogen, #ccs and #offshorewind - all necessary for the #EnergyTransition Norway and the Flanders agree on🇳🇴🇧🇪 Read more:

Olje- og energidep
2022-03-17 11:14:43

Today Minister 🇳🇴@terjeaa welcomed Minister-President of the Government of Flanders @JanJambon in Oslo. Good talks about #gas, #ccs, #offshorewind and #hydrogen - all necessary for the #EnergyTransition Nor & the Flanders agree on. @NorwayEU @PerSjaastad

Olje- og energidep
2021-11-05 12:43:57

RT @AHKNorwegen: Federal President Steinmeier meets with Norwegian Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Marte Mjøs Persen @MarteMP, and energy-industry leaders from Norway and Germany to discuss bilateral energy cooperation within #hydrogen, #offshorewind, and #CCS. @DNV_Group @oeddep

Olje- og energidep
2021-09-30 18:15:43

Thank you to 🇧🇪Minister @TinneVdS for welcoming 🇳🇴Minister @HoyreTina to the bilateral meeting in Brussels today - with a delicious Belgian🍫-gift! Good talks about the current #gas market, #CCS, #EnergyTransition and #offshorewind.📸= Minister van energie/ Ministre de l'énergie.

Olje- og energidep
2021-09-24 08:57:41

Minister @HoyreTina participated at the #Seanaergy2021 talking about Norway's ambition on floating #offshorewind in the #energytransition, meeting Norwegian & French colleagues and businesses within the energy sector. Merci 🇳🇴🇫🇷

Norway MFA
2021-06-15 14:18:58

2. Our offshore wind industry has a proven track-record in challenging maritime operations. #offshorewind #ClimateAction

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2021-04-30 10:28:11

Yesterday 🇳🇴Min. @HoyreTina had a digital meeting with 🇧🇪-Min. of Energy @TinneVdS. Good discussions on #CCS, #offshorewind and #hydrogen. Norway and Belgium has a close cooperation on energy issues and share many mutual interests. 📃Read more:

Olje- og energidep
2021-04-22 11:35:59

RT @IwonaWZ: On #EarthDay we are discussing 🇵🇱 green transformation, the #EU #GreenDeal and possibilities of joint cooperation with #Norwegian 🇳🇴 partners. @PLinNorway @PolandMFA @PAIH_pl @NorwayMFA #Baltic #offshorewind #electromobility @kldep @oeddep @NFdep

Olje- og energidep
2021-04-19 14:25:05

Today 🇳🇴Min. @HoyreTina had a digital meeting with Ireland's 🇮🇪Min. for Transport, Climate, Environment & Communications @EamonRyan. Good talks about floating #offshorewind, #CCS & electric vehicles.

Olje- og energidep
2021-03-01 15:43:03

— Close European cooperation on #CCS is vital for this climate technology is to become an international success, says @HoyreTina after today's 📽️digital 🇳🇴🇪🇺-meeting with @TimmermansEU & @KadriSimson. Talks about #offshorewind #hydrogen & #CCS. Read more:

Olje- og energidep
2021-03-01 14:05:20

RT @KadriSimson: Important meeting between the Norwegian government & the @EU_Commission to enhance partnerships in #EUGreenDeal. EU-Norway energy dialogue is regular & ongoing. Cross-border cooperation is essential for implementing the Green Deal. Discussing topics like #hydrogen & #offshorewind

Olje- og energidep
2020-11-04 13:18:13

Minister @HoyreTina performed a video speech to the High Wind 2020 conference in Stavanger today about the government's #offshorewind policy #hw2020 📃Speech: 🎬Video: 📃Press release (NO):

Olje- og energidep
2020-09-07 20:48:07

Today Minister 🇳🇴 @HoyreTina met 🇯🇵Japan's ambassador to Norway Masahiro Tauchi. Good talks about the two countries' cooperation on #hydrogen #CCS & #offshorewind - and Amb. Tauchi awarded Minister Bru with a present and two conference invitations.

Olje- og energidep
2019-10-11 15:06:23

Norwegian #gas will be important for German energy supply in many years to come. Minister Freiberg🇳🇴 met German state sec. Andreas Feicht🇩🇪 from @BMWi_Bund today in Düsseldorf. Other topics on the agenda included #CCS, #offshorewind and #hydrogen.

Nikolai Astrup
2019-09-25 14:40:42

RT @Equinor: #China is rapidly increasing its use of #renewables and natural gas 🇨🇳 The country is set to become the world’s biggest offshore wind market by 2030. As an #offshorewind major, we are excited to collaborate with CPIH to develop offshore wind.

Olje- og energidep
2019-09-20 09:36:03

«The projects are expected to produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 4.5 million UK homes.» Congratulations @EquinorASA 👏 #offshorewind #renewableenergy

2018-08-14 16:20:19

- Vi lever i en spennende tid- også innen skipsfarten. Det gir store muligheter! #digitalisering #klima @Lasikos #offshorewind #startups #entreprenørskap #tenkhav