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Peter C. Frølich
2022-07-01 11:30:41

RT @nexta_tv: The #EU flag was solemnly planted in the #Ukrainian parliament.

2022-06-02 13:19:56

RT @NorwayEU: #Nordic ministers of #transport meeting in Luxembourg on the night before the ministerial meeting of #EU transport ministers on June 2. Strong ambitions for #decarbonization of the transport sector.

Ola Elvestuen
2022-03-22 11:35:31

RT @JusticeMyanmar: Press Release 📣 Telenor Group is aiding & abetting M1 Group to violate #Myanmar sanctions\n\nM1 Group set to violate #EU…

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-03-04 19:56:28

RT @ZelenskyyUa: Talked to President of the European Commission @vonderleyen. Informed about the aggressor's nuclear terrorism. Preventing it is our common task. Discussed strengthening sanctions against Russia. The issue of 🇺🇦’s membership in the #EU was also on the agenda. #StopRussia

Alfred Bjørlo
2022-03-04 17:27:36

RT @jensstoltenberg: #NATO Foreign Ministers & #Finland, #Sweden & the #EU addressed #Russia's brutal invasion of #Ukraine, which the whole world condemns. We call on President Putin to stop this war immediately. He tried to divide us, but NATO is more united, more determined & stronger than ever.

Sveinung Rotevatn
2022-02-28 09:47:04

RT @Teknisk: Europa er i krig. Norske politikere må slukke sine evinnelige regionale omkamper til fordel for økt innsats for solidaritet med Europa, skriver TU-redaktør jan Moberg. #Nato #EU #Ukraina

Ola Elvestuen
2022-02-27 11:17:22

RT @eucopresident: EU defence in action in support to #Ukraine\n\nWill facilitate deliveries of military aid from #EU to Ukraine.\n\nDemocratic…

Norway MFA
2021-12-16 14:35:36

Norway a staunch supporter of the struggle for #Democracy and #HumanRights in #Belarus together with #EU and other partners. We have increased support to #civilsociety & #freemedia. Good conversation today w/ courageous @Tsihanouskaya #StandWithBelarus

Karin Andersen
2021-11-30 17:28:25

RT @wallacemick: How long more can the #EU protect the profits of #BigPharma and continue to show so little regard for the plight of the less well off in the Global South...?

2021-11-23 07:42:38

RT @NorwayEU: Norway🇳🇴 contributes to #EU #Military #Mobility: Norway has together with many EU Member States signed ✍️ the Technical Arrangement for Cross-Border Movement Permissions for Surface and Air #Defence @EUDefenceAgency @NorwayMFA @Forsvarsdep

Norway MFA
2021-11-03 22:13:52

RT @NorwayUN: #UNSC unanimously renewed EUFOR Althea’s mandate, the #EU 🇪🇺 operation in #BosniaAndHerzegovina Althea contributes significa…

Olje- og energidep
2021-10-01 12:33:44

RT @NorwayEU: – #Energy is at the heart of 🇪🇺🇳🇴 cooperation. We are a key import source for natural gas to the EU and our power system is highly connected with the network of our #EU neighbours. 🇳🇴Minister for Petroleum and Energy @HoyreTina at #EUNORenergy conference.

Tage Pettersen
2021-08-25 16:02:43

RT @EFTAsecretariat: Deputy Director of @EEANorwayGrants @ArniPallArnason has interactive discussion with #EFTA & #EU parliamentarians @ #EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee in #Reykjavik

2021-05-19 22:02:35

RT @SimonDyhr: Takk for hyggelig velkomstbrev som nytt medlem av @Europabevegelse, @vampus og @fmellem. Jeg er også veldig fornøyd med beslutningen selv, og skal forbli medlem i mange år fremover☺️🇳🇴🇪🇺#eupol #norge #EU #europabevegelsen

Norway MFA
2021-05-12 18:02:04

Always good to meet our close European friends. The #COVID19 pandemic shows the importance of European cooperation. Participation in the #EU vaccine programme key to meet need for vaccines in Norway. Being part of a common regulatory framework in the #EEA is crucial for Norway

Olje- og energidep
2021-04-22 15:37:19

RT @NorwayEU: Norway supports putting the #EUGreenDeal at the center of Europe's economic recovery from #COVID19. The #RenovationWave initiative is essential in this regard. State Secretary Lars Andreas Lunde participated in today's meeting of the #EU energy ministers. @2021PortugalEU

Olje- og energidep
2021-04-22 11:35:59

RT @IwonaWZ: On #EarthDay we are discussing 🇵🇱 green transformation, the #EU #GreenDeal and possibilities of joint cooperation with #Norwegian 🇳🇴 partners. @PLinNorway @PolandMFA @PAIH_pl @NorwayMFA #Baltic #offshorewind #electromobility @kldep @oeddep @NFdep

Norway MFA
2021-04-09 15:38:26

RT @NorwayEU: #Norway will participate in a number of #EU programs (2021-2027) in areas such as research, technology, education, defence and health. Together we can find better solutions to global challenges. Find out which programs 🇳🇴 plans to participate in ➡️

Svein Roald Hansen
2021-04-08 22:11:14

RT @Utenriksdept: Samarbeidet med #EU avgjørende for vår håndtering av pandemien og for å få fart på økonomien igjen. Sammen skal vi komme sterkere ut av krisen. Europas grønne giv står sentralt i dette arbeidet. Les #EriksenSoreide sin redegjørelse til Stortinget her:

Norway MFA
2021-03-25 20:41:45

RT @auhalvor: I am pleased to initiate a structured security and defense dialogue with the #EU / @eu_eeas after productive consultations today together with @ToneSkogen @NorwayMFA @Forsvarsdep