Søket ga 7 treff.
Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-27 15:45:07

RT @LlopisMarta95: This little girl from #Kherson hugs the young volunteer from Norway who is defending #Ukraine ❤️

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-11-14 18:54:41

RT @jensstoltenberg: Good to be in The Hague to meet Foreign Min @WBHoekstra & @DefensieMin Ollongren. The Netherlands is making strong contributions to #NATO defence & supporting #Ukraine. Russia’s withdrawal from #Kherson shows the courage of Ukrainian forces & the importance of continued support.

Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-11 00:43:52

RT @InnaSovsun: Watching videos from liberated villages and towns around #Kherson and cannot stop crying. \n\nThose who still ask "Why not fr…

Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-09 16:39:40

RT @Tendar: Russian collapse!\n\nRussian Army: "We are retreating to the other side of the Dnieper River."\n\nThat's it.\n#Kherson

Audun Lysbakken
2022-04-04 10:09:44

RT @AlexKokcharov: In #Russia|n-occupied #Kherson, south #Ukraine, locals are holding a #protest rally today against the ongoing Russian occupation. It’s been a month since Russians captured Kherson, and locals have been protesting since:\n\n

Ola Elvestuen
2022-03-13 17:20:38

RT @litelin: Alle mine var her i dag. Videoen er tatt av min fetters kamerat.\nDe vil ikke ha ny prorussisk ordfører.\n#Kherson Херсон це Укр…

Ola Elvestuen
2022-03-05 13:26:33

RT @ThomasVLinge: #Ukraine 🇺🇦: people in #Kherson are even climbing on Russian vehicles.\n\nThe occupation force clearly has not authority he…