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Masud Gharahkhani
Masud Gharahkhani
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RT @MasudGh: Sterk video om brutalitetene i Iran. Tenk at vi lever i en verden der unge mennesker som bruker ytringsfriheten og vil kjempe for demokrati blir sendt til regimets torturkammer for å knekkes med vold voldtekt. Be their voice! #Mahsa_Amini


2023-02-22 06:15:33

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Video: CNN special report uncovers dozens of 'black sites' used for torturing protesters | CNN
A CNN investigation has uncovered a network of black sites used by Iranian authorities to perpetrate the worst torture and abuses at an industrial scale. Cross-referencing witness testimony and satellite imagery, the CNN International investigations team has exposed at least two dozen sites, where due process is suspended and regime operatives have free reign. CNN has reached out to the Iranian government for comment on the allegations of torture and abuse at these unofficial locations but has not received a response.