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Siv Mossleth - Senterpartiet
Siv Mossleth - Senterpartiet
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In the street, at the coffe tables, in the meetings; The Russian military agression Ukraine is condemned!\n\nThe present security situation in Europe is very serious. Just give peace a chance!\n \nThe Norwegian OSCE PA delegation join many others in strongly condemning Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. This is a violent breach of international law. \n \nNorway supports Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders. \n \nThe Helsinki Final Act and all OSCE commitments that have followed from it are fundamental to our security. Continued International work in this situation is vital for sharing correct information and protect the international law and human rights. We need to speak with one international voice against the aggression of the Russian leadership. \n\n#oscepa #StandWithUkraine


2022-02-24 15:16:25

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