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Fully financing the @ACTAccelerator is a matter of urgency. The cost of inaction will be much higher. 🇳🇴 is committed to doing our part. We call on other countries to invest their fair share to control this pandemic. - Minister of International Development @AnneBeathe_

2021-12-22 13:18:43

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Global Fund Praises Norway’s Leadership in Global Fight Against COVID-19
The Global Fund praises Norway’s leadership in the global fight against COVID-19 after its decision to allocate NOK 440 million (US$49.1 million) to the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM). This new contribution, which is on top of the NOK 285.2 million contributed by Norway in December 2020, brings Norway’s total contribution to the Global Fund’s response to COVID-19 to NOK 725.2 million to date.