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Dag Inge Ulstein
Dag Inge Ulstein
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Alarming reports from #Tigray, Ethiopia. An estimated 300 000 people believed to be in famine-like conditions. More aid and humanitarian access needed. @who @fao @FEWSNET


2021-06-10 19:59:49

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Ethiopia: Acute Food Insecurity Situation May - June 2021 and Projection for July - September 2021 | IPC Global Platform
An IPC analysis update conducted in Tigray and the neighbouring zones of Amhara and Afar concludes that over 350,000 people are in Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5) between May and June 2021. This is the highest number of people in IPC Phase 5 since the 2011 famine in Somalia. This severe crisis results from the cascading effects of conflict, including population displacements, movement restrictions, limited humanitarian access, loss of harvest and livelihood assets, and dysfunctional or non-existent markets.