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Seafood can be a game changer to reach #ZeroHunger - if we integrate sustainable #seafood in our food system and follow the @OceanPanel recommendations for clean, healthy and productive oceans – FM #EriksenSoreide @WEF #OceanDialogues Watch here:


2021-05-25 11:55:16

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Food from the Ocean, Rivers and Lakes – Essential for Food Systems
This session is part of both the Virtual Ocean Dialogues and the Global Dialogue for the UN Food Systems Summit. It is being co-convened by the Special Envoy of the Food Systems Summit Agnes Kalibata, Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson, Friends of Ocean Action, the United Nations Foundation, and Norway. Aquatic/blue foods play a vital role in food systems but are often missing from the conversation. This session aims to address that. A healthy ocean means healthy people – the ocean and other aquatic ecosystems are fragile but have the potential to be pillars of local food systems if those systems are transformed to be more sustainable, nature-positive and accessible. It is vital that food systems allow access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods that meet the dietary needs and food preferences of a growing population. The interconnection between land and ocean food production are also too often ignored when thinking about food system transformation. The UN Food Systems Summi