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Norway deeply regrets the many federal executions carried out in the #US over the past few months. Norway joins the #EU in calling upon the US govt. to reinstate a moratorium as a step towards full abolition of the #DeathPenalty - FM #EriksenSoreide.


2020-12-17 18:18:03

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EU Statement on Federal Executions in the United States
OSCE Permanent Council No. 1296, Vienna, 17 December 2020. The European Union deeply regrets the decision announced by the outgoing US Administration to proceed with three federal executions through January 20, 2021. If carried out, these executions would be adding to the ten federal executions since July 14, following a long standing de facto federal moratorium of 17 years and would counter the overall trend against the death penalty in the US and in the world. We note with concern that the execution of