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Dag Inge Ulstein
Dag Inge Ulstein
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Extreme poverty in #LDCs is projected to expand by 32 million in 2020, to reach 377 million people. We must work harder to ensure fair and equitable access to vaccines and other tools against covid-19. @UNCTAD


2020-12-03 14:05:13

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The Least Developed Countries Report 2020 | UNCTAD
Least developed countries (LDCs) have so far been spared from the worst effects of the health emergency, yet the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on their economies, rolling back some of the progress made towards sustainable development and possibly leading to long-term damage. Not only has the crisis laid bare structural weaknesses of LDCs, but also the deep-seated flaws of the international support measures at their disposal. It has also brought back to the fore the pivotal role of productive capacities for a sustainable, inclusive and resilient recovery.