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Linda H. Helleland
Linda H. Helleland
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Justice for the world’s clean athletes at the end? After some sport leaders tried to stop the investigation in a meeting in Paris 2018, it seems that some justice can be done. Now the federations must do a job to restore their reputation. #cleansport


2020-05-03 06:25:55

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WADA hands over priority athlete cases to Anti-Doping Organizations in Russia investigation (30 April 2020)
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announces today that the Agency’s independent Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) team has completed its investigation of 298 Russian athletes that WADA I&I targeted as part of its ongoing ‘Operation LIMS’(1) probe into institutionalized doping in Russia and has provided detailed case packages to a total of 28 Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs), including 27 International Federations (IFs) and one Major Event Organization.