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The Ocean is under threat shows the #IPCC #SROCC. Luckily, the Ocean can deliver 1/5 of emission cuts needed, as shown by the @oceanpanel experts #CallForAction 🌊 ▶️ #OurOcean @erna_solberg #UNGA


2019-09-25 19:16:00

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Summary for Policymakers — Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate
Nerilie Abram (Australia) Carolina Adler (Switzerland, Australia) Nathaniel L. Bindoff (Australia) Lijing Cheng (China) So-Min Cheong (South Korea) William W. L. Cheung (Canada) Matthew Collins (United Kingdom) Chris Derksen (Canada) Alexey Ekaykin (Russia) Thomas Frölicher (Switzerland) Matthias Garschagen (Germany) Jean-Pierre Gattuso (France) Bruce Glavovic (New Zealand) Stephan Gruber (Canada, Germany) Valeria Guinder (Argentina) Robert Hallberg (United States) Sherilee Harper (Canada) Nathalie Hilmi