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Svein Roald Hansen
Svein Roald Hansen
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If UK should want to join EFTA/EEA, they have to join EFTA 28 FTA with 35 countries, and then they can not be in til EU custom union. The Norway+ don’t exsist. #brexit


2018-11-27 21:39:19

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Evening Standard comment: Can Mrs May back into a new Brexit consensus?
Theresa May is living her premiership in reverse. Most prime ministers start calling for national unity and end up dividing the nation. The current PM is trying to do the opposite. Arriving in Downing Street, she anointed herself as the champion of half of the country: the unrealisable dreams of hard Brexiteers became her red lines; the concerns of Remainers she dismissed as the moans of “saboteurs” intent on subverting the “will of the people”.