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Guri Melby
2022-01-31 19:01:20

Today I nominated @TuvaluGov foreign minister Simon Kofe for the #Nobel peace prize. #Tuvalu and the other #Pacific island nations are doing an important job in waking us up to solve the world’s greatest threat to long-term peace: The #Climate crisis. Congratulations @TuvaluGov

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2021-11-06 17:48:00

RT @CAMIBOR: 'We cannot simple survive without a healthy ocean'🌊 Minister @AnneBeathe_ at @PacOceanComm event 2nite highlighting new #Ocean mindset needed for future development. Plenty lessons from the #Pacific on that🌏

Dag Inge Ulstein
2020-04-28 16:51:09

RT @SDGbergen: We are climate focused ocean states, with a common understanding of the importance of the ocean-climate nexus. To save our ocean, we need to base policy on the best available science, said @dagiulstein at #N_POC launch. #SDG13 #SDG14 #Pacific @NorwayUN @NorwayMFA @UiBrector_Olsen