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Nikolai Astrup
2021-09-29 22:31:52

RT @ASteiner: I am pleased to announce @UNDP has joined the Digital Public Goods Alliance @DPGAlliance. We look forward to working w partners to close the #digitaldivide & ensure that everyone can reap the incredible benefits of #DigitalTransformation. Here is more 👉

Nikolai Astrup
2021-04-18 17:39:41

RT @KristinSverdrup: Alliansen for #Digitalpublicgoods som Norge er co-leder av-et viktig bidrag til #DigitalTransformation @dagiulstein @nikolaiastrup @NorwayMFA @jensfh @AkselJakobsen3

Norway MFA
2020-11-11 23:23:06

RT @NorwayEU: The #EU should aim for continuity, maintaining emphasis on scientific research, innovation and regional cooperation in the #Arctic region. Norway’s perspectives on the future EU Arctic policy 👉 #EUGreenDeal #DigitalTransformation @eu_eeas @MichaelMannEU

Dag Inge Ulstein
2020-04-25 17:43:25

RT @KristinSverdrup: Report to #Norwegianparliament on Digital transformation and Norwegian #DevelopmentCooperation is now available in English #Digitaltransformation @dagiulstein @NorwayMFA @hichrisfabian @livmarte @bardvegar

Nikolai Astrup
2020-01-23 18:38:26

RT @EvaMaydell: An insightful meeting with Norway's Minister on Digitalisation @nikolaiastrup providing an excellent basis to further cooperate in developing a trustworthy and responsible advancement of #AI in Europe. #DigitalTransformation #data #artificialintelligence

Nikolai Astrup
2019-05-21 07:16:02

RT @NeptSoft: Today we had the visit by the Digital Minister of Norway. He was challenged to build an app on the fly - and he succeeded! We showed him how we are supporting true #DigitalTransformation and real changes in the public sector with low code @nikolaiastrup