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Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-12-15 17:03:15

RT @NorwayMFA: Norway is sending 10 bridge sets to #Ukraine\n\nWithout a functional road network, it is not possible for Ukraine to deliver f…

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-12-07 09:59:11

RT @NorwayUN: #NorwayUNSC\n\n🔹Calls for the protection of civilians in #Ukraine, incl children, elderly, persons w/disabilities\n\n🔹Warns again…

2022-12-07 09:06:54

RT @NorwayEU: Yesterday, 🇳🇴Amb to the 🇪🇺 @RolfEinarFife signed an agreement with the EU, confirming Norway's contribution to the European Peace Facility #EPF\n\nApprox. €15 million will go to the #EU Military Assistance Mission for #Ukraine 🇺🇦 #EUMAM\n\nRead more:

Peter C. Frølich
2022-12-06 22:54:44

RT @berlin_bridge: Self-defense is not escalation. russia launched *70* missiles at #Ukraine yesterday.\nAnd ‘raising the stakes’? The stake…

2022-12-01 11:50:18

RT @MoD_Estonia: 🇪🇪#Estonia 🇳🇱 #Netherlands and🇳🇴#Norway will donate a field hospital to 🇺🇦 #Ukraine️. The war is bringing allied and likeminded countries closer than ever and strengthening cooperation. #Ukraine must win and can win with our support. \n#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine

Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-27 15:45:07

RT @LlopisMarta95: This little girl from #Kherson hugs the young volunteer from Norway who is defending #Ukraine ❤️

Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-11-27 12:53:40

RT @JosepBorrellF: Grateful to Norway for its support to the EU Military Assistance Mission for #Ukraine through the European Peace Facility, to train and equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces.\n\nWe stand side by side in our support to #Ukraine.\n\n@AHuitfeldt

Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-24 23:54:00

RT @oryxspioenkop: #Norway has delivered one additional 155mm M109A3GN SPG to #Ukraine along with 20.000 pieces of spare parts for the type 🇳🇴🇺🇦\n\nSource:

Peter C. Frølich
2022-11-16 10:08:02

RT @MriyaReport: Please do not forget the price #Ukraine is paying on a daily basis for OUR freedom.

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-11-14 18:54:41

RT @jensstoltenberg: Good to be in The Hague to meet Foreign Min @WBHoekstra & @DefensieMin Ollongren. The Netherlands is making strong contributions to #NATO defence & supporting #Ukraine. Russia’s withdrawal from #Kherson shows the courage of Ukrainian forces & the importance of continued support.

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-11-01 07:52:20

RT @UNOCHA: Humanitarians have already reached over 13 million people with life-saving assistance in #Ukraine.\n\nThe Ukraine Humanitarian Fu…

Lene Westgaard-Halle
2022-10-30 13:24:22

RT @lesiavasylenko: 15% of #Ukraine armed forces are women. These ladies are skilled, determined and committed. They are an example of how Ukrainian society is changing, including the army

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-10-21 16:13:35

RT @NorwayUN: Humanitarian situation in #Ukraine:\n\n#Norway thanks the humanitarian actors on the ground 🙏\n\nSupporting local humanitarian re…

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-10-21 16:11:14

RT @NorwayUN: #NorwayUNSC on #Ukraine:\n\nThe recent escalation of attacks on civilians & civilian infrastructure using #UAV #dronewarfare is…

2022-10-17 21:43:43

RT @Forsvaret_no: Today, #Norway started training #Ukraine soldiers in basic combat skills in the #UK. The training is led by the Norwegian Home Guard and carried out by instructors from the Norwegian Army’s Quick Reaction Force. Photos from last week’s preparations. @NorwegianArmy @heimevernet

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2022-10-14 18:58:03

RT @NorwayMFA: Norway will continue to support #Ukraine in sustaining essential services like healthcare, education, and social protection and in efforts to rebuild the country. @AnneBeathe_ Tvinnereim announced 100 mill EUR support for #Ukraine through the @WorldBank

Arbeids- og sosdep
2022-10-13 17:02:11

RT @NorwayEU: "We are facing challenging times in Europe: Tackling high #inflation, protecting vulnerable groups, and supporting #Ukraine 🇺🇦. Norway will meet these challenges in close cooperation with our European partners," says @MarteMP at the informal #EPSCO in Prague.

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2022-10-11 23:20:17

RT @NorwayMFA: Support for #Ukraine, the global food and energy crisis and financing climate and development are main topics for the @WorldBank Annual Meeting. \n\nMinister of development @AnneBeathe_ Tvinnereim to represent Norway in key discussions. #ResilientFuture

Guri Melby
2022-10-05 18:33:33

RT @jensstoltenberg: Spoke with President @ZelenskyyUa and praised the brave Ukrainian people & forces for the impressive progress in regaining their territory from Russian aggressors. #Russia must stop the war it has started. #NATO will sustain & step up support for #Ukraine for as long as it takes.

2022-09-30 12:15:40

Regjeringen vil gi 3 milliarder kroner i militær støtte til Ukraina 🇺🇦. Mesteparten av midlene går til fond for militær støtte til Ukraina. Regjeringen ønsker også å anskaffe vinterbekledning og utrustning til de ukrainske styrkene.\n\n #ukraine