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Anniken Huitfeldt
2023-04-05 18:36:33

I strongly condemn Taliban’s ban on Afghan female workers in UN organizations in #Afghanistan. United Nations entities depend on female staff to operate and deliver life-saving assistance. UN is crucial in our work to help the Afghan people. We stand with @UNAMAnews

Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-12-20 20:24:59

Deeply worried by reports that Taliban will close universities for women. If true, this is further aggravation of the human rights crisis in #Afghanistan, particularly damaging to women & girls. It's also bad economics. Development is impossible if you exclude half the population

Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-12-20 20:09:53

RT @NorwayUN: It is the Afghan people that bears the brunt of the Taliban’s actions. Instability in #Afghanistan is also a threat to international peace and security.\n\nThe #SecurityCouncil must remains united in support of the Afghan people.\n\n🇳🇴#Norway FM statement➡️\n

Kamzy Gunaratnam
2022-12-01 07:38:56

RT @NorwayMFA: Appalled by today’s horrendous bomb attack on a school in Samangan, Afghanistan, killing and wounding innocent people and students. These atrocities only add to the multitude of crises in #Afghanistan. My thoughts go out to the victims’ families and their loved ones- @AHuitfeldt

Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-06-22 11:21:55

RT @NorwayMFA: Important perspectives from Afghans at #OsloForum, committed to bring change in support of the Afghan people. Exchange on how international community can assist.\n\nConcerned about the human rights situations in #Afghanistan, especially for Afghan women and girls.\n - FM @AHuitfeldt

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2022-04-20 22:43:51

RT @NorwayMFA: Good discussion btw Min of Development @AnneBeathe_ & @PowerUSAID on the need to stay focused on powerty reduction, governance, climate & food security while dealing with the acute crises in #Ukraine & #Afghanistan.\n🇳🇴 appreciates excellent cooperation w/the #US on the #SDGs!

Anniken Huitfeldt
2022-04-11 19:24:23

RT @JuttaUrpilainen: Very pleased to meet @AHuitfeldt 🇳🇴 as close like-minded partner in the margins of the FAC to exchange on #Ukraine, including the global impact of the conflict, and #Afghanistan. I am also delighted by the interest of Norway to join some of our #TeamEurope Initiatives!

Peter C. Frølich
2022-04-05 15:28:29

RT @MrDawodZai: The #Taliban Shari`a Courts in #Afghanistan.\n\n#Taliban beat a guy for allegedly eating in public during fasting hours of #R…

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2022-02-11 18:15:11

Appreciate good discussion today with Managing Director @AxelVT_WB on the @WorldBank's engagement in #Afghanistan and response to the #COVID19 pandemic. @LeneNatshaLind @NorwayMFA

2022-01-26 18:19:49

RT @NorwayUN: Multilateral cooperation is vital to respond to #Afghanistan crisis. Protection of civilians, incl children, must be our fir…

Anne Beathe K Tvinnereim
2022-01-26 07:55:00

Nei, @BjrnMyklebust Vesten og Norge anerkjenner ikke Taliban, men vi erkjenner at de sitter med makten - og dermed nøkkelen til å nå afghanere i nød @nrknyheter #Afghanistan

Guri Melby
2022-01-22 21:21:42

I kveld kom #Taliban kom til Norge. Viktig med dialog om #Afghanistan, også med et regime vi avskyr. Lykke til @ahuitfeldt.

Norway MFA
2022-01-17 16:57:08

We are extremely concerned about the grave humanitarian situation in #Afghanistan -- @AHuitfeldt. A Norwegian delegation is visiting Kabul today, for talks about the situation with the Taliban, the UN and representatives of civil society.

Norway MFA
2022-01-11 12:54:52

Deeply concerned about the rising humanitarian needs. Today Norway pledged NOK 100 million in humanitarian support to the people of #Afghanistan Grateful to humanitarian partners who #StayAndDeliver @Refugees @UNOCHA

Norway MFA
2021-12-22 19:50:45

RT @mona_juul: More than 2⃣4⃣ million people in #Afghanistan are suffering from humanitarian crisis. I thank all my colleagues in the #Sec…

Norway MFA
2021-12-22 16:09:21

An unanimous #UNSC clearly states that humanitarian assistance & support to basic needs of Afghan people are allowed under @UN sanctions. Hope this resolution improves intl community’s ability to effectively respond to severe crisis facing people of #Afghanistan -FM @AHuitfeldt

Norway MFA
2021-11-17 14:51:42

High risk of economic collapse and even deeper humanitarian crisis in #Afghanistan. We must maintain basic services for civilians, and enable people to support themselves. Norway now contributes 💲23M to a new @UN fund. - Foreign Minister @AHuitfeldt 👉

Norway MFA
2021-10-08 17:52:44

We strongly condemn the attack at a mosque in #Kunduz #Afghanistan. Our heartfelt condolences to those affected and the people in Afghanistan. Important to ensure security across the country – FM #EriksenSoreide.

Karin Andersen
2021-09-27 10:19:33

RT @flyktninghjelp: ‼️ – Vi er i et kappløp mot klokka for å redde liv før den harde vinteren kommer. Allerede vet ikke én av tre afghanere hvor deres neste måltid skal komme fra. FNs medlemsland må raskt komme frem til en multilateral avtale, sier @NRC_Egeland #Afghanistan

Norway MFA
2021-09-13 22:12:32

One of two Afghan children faces acute malnutrition. Norway supports @Unicef’s work to protect children in #Afghanistan. Important to support actors who #StayAndDeliver. Norway increases our #humanitarian assistance to #Afghanistan with 💲11.5 million 👉